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Our story

Back in 2012, when we first wanted to step foot into the watch business, insiders advised us not to. They didn't share our vision and told us that only prestigious brands with multiple decades of market experience could succeed.

We wouldn't let them discourage us and pursued our dream to build our own watch brand. We wanted to share our passion for watches with people across the globe.

Since we weren't lucky enough to be born into a watch brand dynasty we started to dive deep into the history of watches. The story of king Louis XVI, a true watch fanatic, struck us as especially intriguing. He was the last monarch of France and was deeply fascinated by watches. When he was stressed out he liked to calm down by disassembling and reassembling watches. He also instructed the great watchmaker Abraham Louis Breguet to create special timepieces for him and his wife. His story and his love for watches seemed so fascinating to us that we decided to name our watch brand in his honour.

Driven by curiosity and passion we created our first watch ATHOS. Ever since then many more came along. We continuously experiment with new designs, materials and technical novelties in order to create timepieces that transfer a touch of royalty from the past into the here and now - to you.

Our goal is to make each of our new collections even more beautiful and royal. That's our mission and what we strive for. We want more. We want to produce watches that offer the best quality, the best design and the best price.

Join us and start living the royal lifestyle!