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Recording a product review video on your own

You're filming your product review video alone? Cool, let's get started right away!

There are only three simple steps to take and it won't take you more than 15 minutes.

You'll find a simple step-by-step guide below. We've also provided you with an example of what your finished video might look like.

This is how your product review video could look like in the end

1. Record video

If you have a tripod for your smartphone, then use it, it is more comfortable because you have both hands free. If you don't have a tripod, that's not a problem either.

First you film several individual sequences. After you have recorded one sequence you stop the recording and film the next sequence. The different sequences are then combined in a second step to the finished video. Don't worry, we will show you how to do this in step 2 of the tutorial.

The best thing to do is to sit down at a table to film. It is very important that you film everything in landscape format. We recommend that you record the following individual sequences, but you can also come up with different sequences on your own, or add more:

- You open the watch box and show the watch and the warranty card.

- You hold the watch in your hand and show it from all sides.

- You put the watch on your wrist and show it from all sides.

- You put the watch on the table and show it from all sides.

It is best to talk about your experiences with the watch, its functionalities, the materials, what you particularly like about it, etc. The more details you show, the more interesting and helpful your video will be for the viewers.

2. Combine single sequences and create transitions

Your sequences are ready, very good! Now we need to combine them together so that we have a finished video. Let's do it! To do this you'll need a free app, we're using the app YouCut - Video Bearbeiten from InShot Video Editor. The app is free. FYI, the app will suggest from time to time that you upgrade to the paid premium version, but that's not necessary. We only require the standard features. You can download the app here:



2.1. Now open the app and click on the + at the bottom center.

2.2. Then select all your video sequences that you have previously recorded and confirm.

Videosequenzen auswählen

Your individual video sequences are now already combined. You can press play and watch the video in full length if you like. However, we would like to edit the video a bit by trimming the individual sequences and creating nice transitions between the individual sequences.

2.3. Trimming

Trimming means that the individual sequences are cropped at the beginning and/or end. This is not strictly necessary, it depends on how cleanly you have recorded the sequences. For example, at the end of a sequence, you may still see how you put your smartphone on the table before you end the recording. This is of course unpleasant. In the timeline at the bottom, you can see the sequences you've recorded in a row.

Aneinander gereihte Sequenzen

You can scroll back and forth on the timeline with your finger. There where after a sequence the next one starts you see a symbol.

Symbol auf Zeitstrahl

If you tap on a single sequence, it will be marked. You can recognize a marked sequence by the orange border.

Ausgewählte Sequenz

Now tap on your first sequence to select it and press TRIM. Now you can trim the beginning and the end of the sequence by moving the sliders on the right and left. By pressing the Play button you can preview the trimmed sequence. Make sure that you also take the sound into account, so that you don't cut away a part where you are saying something interesting. When you are satisfied, click the checkmark.


Then select the second sequence and do the same. Then select the third sequence and continue until you have trimmed all the sequences.

2.4. Enhance the transitions between the individual sequences

Now we have to enhance the transitions between the sequences a bit and then we are done! Not so hard so far, right?

At the very beginning of your video we don't need a transition, so select the second sequence and press ANIMATION.


You will see different options, you can select them and you can also see directly in the preview what the effect looks like. When you have decided on an animation, click on the check mark.

Übergang auswählen

Repeat the process for the remaining sequences.

2.5. Check your video

Scroll back to the beginning of your video and check the result by pressing the play button. Are you satisfied? We hope so ;-) Your video is ready, congratulations!

Feel free to experiment with other features of the app, you can add text or stickers, apply filters, etc. If you didn't speak during the recording, you can also add music. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

Whether you want to edit the video further at this point is up to you. It is not necessary anymore, but if you are having fun with it, then go ahead!

2.6. Save

When you are done with your video, you just have to save it. Press SAVE in the upper right corner and confirm your settings with SAVE. Done! The video is now saved on your smartphone in your video gallery.

3. Upload video

The video is now ready, very good! Now it just needs to be uploaded to YouTube. For this you need the YouTube app. If you don't have it yet, download it from the Play Store or Apple Store.

3.1. Open the YouTube app and click on the circle with the + in it.

YouTube Upload

3.2. Select Upload video.

Video hochladen

3.3. Select your video and click on NEXT in the top right corner.

3.4. Title your video like this: LOUIS XVI [name of your model] Review - @louisxviwatches, so for example if you have the Palais Royale model, then title it: LOUIS XVI Palais Royale Review - @louisxviwatches

3.5. As a description, add the following: Review of my LOUIS XVI [name of your model]! @louisxviwatches, so for example: Review of my LOUIS XVI Palais Royale! @louisxviwatches

Feel free to add more in the description, there are no limits to your creativity.

3.6. Make sure that "Public" is selected under Visibility.

Sichtbarkeit Öffentlich

3.7. Click on CONTINUE

3.8. Select the option "No, it's not especially for children" and click on UPLOAD


4. Send us the link to your video

Send us the link to your video by email to In addition to the link, we need the following information from you in the email:

- Name and first name

- Your address

Within 24 hours you will receive your coupon code worth 100.- EUR to the email you provided (if you upload your video on a weekend, it may take until Monday until you receive the coupon code).


Congratulations, you made it! Thank you so much for participating.